Blackjack is an international casino card game in which players and dealers compete to be the first to reach or hit closest to 21 points valued on their dealt cards. Most players will strike out by going over the 21 point limit in which case the dealer takes all.

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Blackjack Game Rules

The game starts with each player being dealt two cards face up by the dealer. The dealer is also dealt two cards however one card is not revealed until the last play. The goal is to not only outwit other players by reaching greater than or equal to 21 points but almost more importantly to beat the dealer’s hand. If a player goes over 21 they forfeit their hand and go ‘bust’ and the dealer automatically wins. The dealer will ‘hit’ themselves until their cards total 17 points or higher. Although the probability is very low, players who are dealt 21 points from the initial card distribution automatically win that Blackjack hand. In most major casinos, if a player gets Blackjack on the first go they typically win 1.5x their bet.

Blackjack Card Values

Each card is worth its weight in gold and players must play their cards strategically and often take big risks to win. This is a crucial part in Blackjack strategies. There are a few cards without a face numerical value that you must use to your advantage or split your cards to get rid of them or double your bets. Aces are worth both 1 and 11 points, but note if you get two aces you either have 2 points or 22 points and if you are to split your aces you can not play on both. The royal flush cards; Queen, King and Jack are all worth 10 points.

Blackjack Rules - Learn how to play Blackjack in less than 5 minutes

Double your chances of winning!

There are a couple of ways that experienced players double their odds in Blackjack online. The first is actually called ‘Double’ when a player receives identical face cards they can split their cards into two decks which automatically gives them the advantage of doubling their bets to win. Note you must call the double or split your cards on the first move for this rule to apply. The other way players can double their bets is by simply increasing their bets they can even quadruple their bets if they are feeling confident with their cards.

Blackjack Lingo

To play the game you must know the lingo. Let’s recap the essential terms to remember. If a player wants to request additional cards they say ‘Hit’. Players can also say ‘Double’ if they are confident with their hand and want to double their bet, they also receive one additional card. If a player is ready to play their cards against the dealer they say ‘Stand’ which will hold the player’s total hand and end their respective turn. If a player has two identical cards such as two jacks they can double their bets by choosing to ‘Split’ which then separates their identical cards into two hands. A ‘Bust’ is when a player goes over 21 points and the dealer wins regardless of their hand.