Live casinos are a somewhat recent addition to the world of online gaming. Essentially they are a live stream video of actions that a dealer makes in a traditional, in person casino. These videos incorporate all the details of the brick and mortar casino and relay them to players in the comfort of their own homes (or wherever they may be playing). Live casinos offer all the advantages to playing in the casino venue, but with all the ease and convenience that online gaming provides.

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How Does it Work?

In order to run a live casino, brick and mortar casinos have to create the infrastructure to accommodate the operation. These venues need to bring in additional staff, as well as a lot of equipment. Multiple cameras are needed for each table, as well as technology necessary to translate the information from these human dealers to the computers providing that information to players. This conversion technology is consolidated in something called Game Control Unit (GCU) and no live casinos can operate without it. For some games, special boards are also required for streaming. In roulette, for example, the wheel needs to have sensors to relay needed information to the GCU.

Another necessary technological component to successful live casinos is something called Optical Camera Recognition (OCR). This technology captures all the details of the casino, including shuffling, dealing cards, and wheel spinning, and then translates it to players at home. OCR is essential to give players a virtual experience as close to in person gaming as possible. It enables dealers to run the game in the same way they would in normal play, like stopping bets and keeping the game flowing in real time. To ensure that the games continue running smoothly, live casinos offer players a live chat function if they run into any issues. An operator is standing by to answer questions an address concerns that may arise.

Live Dealer Game Options

Since live casino games require a lot of equipment and employees, there is generally a more limited game selection. Players will usually have the play on the most popular games, including roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat. There is still variety since players are not limited to these games. Some casinos only offers one version of each game but some operators have a ton of different options and versions of the different games. It’s very rare today with unsatisfied players on Indian live casinos.

Live Casino - Experience the thrilling in-play casino

Live Casino Bonuses for Indian players

Another great perk of using live casinos is taking advantage of their bonuses. These are essentially free money given to players to play with. These are a great incentive and offer players a lot of benefits. Keep in mind when redeeming these bonuses that there are stipulations that accompany the offer. Usually these include a deposit minimum as well as wagering requirements, which means you must play a certain number of hands before allowed to cash out the bonus amount. Players are recommended to read the fine print when taking advantage of these bonuses.